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Who are we?

DAC Europe Ltd has been established based on over 30 years of commercial vehicle experience and knowledge, utilising the expertise of warranty and customer service. Supporting clients through the use of integrated computer systems. The company is built on the principles of providing an accurate, reliable and cost effective service. Our unique service has established our place in this industry, which allows us to make a distinctive and substantial impact for our clients.

Company Director, Dave Chatterjee has considerable experience in the commercial vehicle sector as a Warranty and Preventative Maintenance Contracts (PMC) Controller. He is an effective communicator with good project management skills. He has a proven record of supporting, coaching and training personnel to achieve goals. Dave's strongest assets are the ability to plan, implement and measure projects and programs using his skills to build teams, motivate and manage the complete chain. He believes in the diligent pursuit of delivering qualitative objectives on time.

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Skills and Experience

  • Developing and implementing audit programmes in conjunction with suppliers.
  • Developing and presenting training courses on dealer processes and procedures.
  • Developing, maintaining and reporting on dealership performance programmes.
  • Liaison with Dealer Management System providers regarding their warranty systems.
  • Carrying out process and procedure review on dealer warranty claims.
  • Publishing and reviewing results with dealer management ensuring that all recommendations are implemented.
  • Writing and reviewing warranty manuals.
  • Delivering training courses.

If you are looking for someone to review your processes, maximise income on your warranty claims, deliver training to your staff to increase and monitor their productivity, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

  • Audit Programmes

  • Training Courses

  • Dealer Management System

  • Dealer warranty claims

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Clients, News and Updates

DAC Europe currently works closely with:

  • The Harris Group
  • Norfolk Trucks Group
  • M&M Commercials

Ensuring compliance with operational efficiency for maximum productivity.

Dave is on LinkedIn. Please feel free to visit his page and view testimonies from colleagues and clients.